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Our Journey

Stormin Norman’s Barbecue and Chicken was founded by our Dad (Norman) and Mom ( Mary Alice) Richardson. Daddy started up, owned and operated many successful businesses during his lifetime and truly believed that you should not place all of your eggs in one basket. He believed in diversification and he knew a little bit about everything and did a little of everything from building Motels in the Middle East to washing trucks On I-95. He did far too many things to mention in this brief summary but I must say the Restaurant business was one of his Love’s and he was very good at it. I personally think this was because of the daily interaction with People, you see Daddy was a People person.

This location was Daddy’s last purchase and start-up in 2005 and only by the Love and Grace of God we are here today. You see this business was part of God’s plan for our lives although it is not a Plan we as a family would have chosen or a road we wanted to travel. You may have noticed on our signs #11 Playing in Heaven or the T shirts our employees wear that say The Reecey Cup. All of these are in Memory of our Son, Reece Leighton Richardson. Reece was killed in an automobile accident January 21st 2007 at the young age of 17. The Reecey cup is an annual event that raises money for scholarships for North Johnston High school students to attend a Christian University but most importantly it is about taking Jesus to the ball fields and teaching our children we can carry Jesus anywhere.


Reece was the apple of our Daddy’s (Stormin Norman) eye, he was Dad and Mom’s first grandchild, the first of 11 grandchildren God would bless them with. Loosing Reece devastated our family, this community and his friends. Our Daddy (Stormin Norman) went to Heaven to be with Reece a very short 14 weeks later and today they are both in Heaven waiting on the rest of The Richardson Gang.

So you see That is why I say today we are here still operating this Restaurant only by the Grace of God and His Love. Our Hearts were broken and our lives were shattered but God gave us the strength to go on. We operate this Restaurant today in memory of Daddy and Reece. The two of them spent many hours here starting this place up and talking with customers. But most importantly they spent time together here enjoying each other’s company and loving each other like God meant for family to do. This Grandfather and Grandson were examples of what our relationships should be like.

We will never understand why God chose this for our family but we can say without a doubt that we know God’s plan is perfect. We Thank God for giving us Daddy (Stormin Norman) and Reece what a wonderful gift, we miss them every day and will always live with their loss but God has shown us and continues to show us daily that HEAVEN IS REAL. I hope God lets me touch half the lives my son Reece has touched.

Our Hope and Prayer is that you will see Jesus living through us as we serve you. That is the Mission statement for this business. We do not do it for the money here we do it for Jesus. God Bless you and may your Travels be safe and always remember God is with you in the Good times and most importantly in the BAD times, you just have to call on him. Our family is living proof.

In Christian Love
Rickey and Becky Richardson  


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